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To Love a Latin Woman

Creating Romantic Dates with Colombian Women

A happy couple having a date by the mountain trails.
Planning romantic dates doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are a few ideas you can try. | Photo by Nycolle Suabya on Pexels

Planning dates from time to time helps strengthen a couple’s relationship. Numerous academic studies say so.

Couples who set aside time for each other are known to be happier and more committed.

In a study conducted by the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia, married couples who go out on date nights once a week have lesser possibilities of divorcing compared to couples who don’t have such rituals. With that said, you should start dating your partner more!

No matter how long you’ve been together, it’s always advisable to keep romance alive in the relationship. Keep doing new and fun things together while constantly falling in love with each other.

To help you with this pursuit, we’ve listed down the best romantic dates you can have with Colombian women.

Romantic Date Ideas

In Colombia, women are used to being swept off their feet by their partners. They are known to be highly passionate, and most of them are hopeless romantics. This is because love and romance are deeply embedded in their culture.

As a foreigner who is in love with a Colombian girl, you need to step up your game and woo her each time you can.

One way of making her fall in love with you is by taking her on dates. Below are some romantic date ideas your girlfriend will love:

  1. Restaurant Dinner Date

    Book a reservation for two at that restaurant she’s been wanting to go to. She’ll be surprised you remembered and that you went the extra mile to plan ahead.

    Dinner dates are great if you want a chill and relaxing night with her. You get to eat delicious food, drink wine, and most importantly, spend time with each other.
  2. Street Food Adventure

    Are restaurant dates too boring for you? Then try something new, like going street food hopping.

    Look for food truck stalls in your local area and visit them one by one with your special lady. Try out some of the best-selling food truck menu items and share your thoughts about them.

    Aside from the food, you get to enjoy the scenery during the rides between your stops. If both of you are certified food lovers, this date idea is perfect for you.
  3. Visit Local Attractions

    Go sightseeing around your area and act like tourists for a day. Visit museums and heritage sites, local plazas and amusement parks, and even the malls and shopping centers. The idea is to explore places in your city which you often pass and never get a chance to go in and visit.
  4. Outdoor Picnic
    A couple having a picnic date at a park
    Take Colombian women out on an outdoor picnic. It’s nice to breathe in fresh air and be surrounded by nature. | Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery on Pexels

    Another great way to bond with your significant other is through outdoor picnics. It’s healthy to spend time outside and be surrounded by green pastures. Lounge in the grass, gaze at the clouds, and hold your lover’s hand while taking in the summer breeze. Doesn’t that sound romantic? She’ll surely love it.
  5. Brunch at a Cafe

    Even if you both have busy schedules, it’s not a valid reason to skip out on date time. There’s always a way to make it work. If you’re concerned about time, you can always meet up for a quick brunch date. Find a convenient coffee shop nearby where you can see each other and grab a bite or drink.
  6. A Cooking Class

    Whether either of you likes to cook or not, enrolling in a cooking class and learning new recipes is a great bonding experience. It’s a fun and creative date idea.

    You’ll acquire a new skill and meet new people. Aside from cooking food, you’ll also be cooking up some romance. If both of you are competitive, you can make it a competition on who the better cook is. It’ll surely be a date you’ll both remember.
  7. Learn to Dance Salsa

    If you’re looking for unique date ideas to impress a Colombian woman, one thing you should do is enroll in a salsa class.

    Women from Colombia find men who know how to dance salsa attractive. Aside from it being a great date idea, you will also increase your sex appeal; it’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

    Get intimate with her on the dance floor, and show her how fun and outgoing you can be.
  8. Go to the Beach

    Most Colombian ladies have great bodies, and it would be a shame not to flaunt them.

    The best place for her to show off her assets is at the beach. Well, this shouldn’t be the only reason to go there. The beach is also a wonderful place to relax, let go, and relax with your girl.

    At the end of the day, you get to admire the sun setting down. It’s always a romantic scenery to experience with a loved one.
  9. Plan Stay at Home Date Activities
    A couple watching a movie together.
    Too lazy to go out? Why not go for dinner and a movie? | Photo by cottonbro on Pexels

    If you don’t like going out or you’re trying to save money, there are other alternative date ideas you can do; one of which is to plan stay-at-home date activities.

    Some romantic date ideas at home include having game nights where you can play a board game or two, solve puzzles, do treasure hunts, or ask trivia questions.

    You can also plan an arts and crafts activity; get creative. If you prefer a more laid-back kind of night, having dinner and a movie is equally fun and romantic.

    Now that you have a few ideas for interesting dates to do with your partner, it’s time to plan a fun and exciting day with her.

Keeping Romance Alive Matters

Lack of romance is a common reason couples break up. Hence, as much as possible, you need to show your lady that you care by planning dates with her.

Exerting effort in the relationship is one of the key ingredients to make it happy and long-lasting.

However, let’s be real. It’s difficult to keep romance alive in a relationship. There are tons of distractions life throws at us. Between work, family, and friends, it’s hard to find time to spend with your girlfriend. Despite it all, you need to make her part of your priorities and learn to balance what’s important to you.

In conclusion, prioritize your relationship with Colombian women to make the relationship last. No matter how busy life gets, always find the time to take your girl out on a date to remind her she is loved and important in your life.

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