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To Love a Latin Woman

Most Underrated Cities for Meeting Women in Colombia

Medellin and Bogotá, Colombia have often been referred to as the best places to meet Colombian women. While this might be true, it would be unfair to say they’re the only cities in the country that have beautiful Latinas.

In fact, we’re here to tell you that there are other wonderful cities in Colombia that have equally beautiful women. So don’t limit yourself and venture out more. Visit these five under the radar locations and start meeting women in Colombia:

Cali Colombia

Known as the self-proclaimed salsa capital of the world, Cali Colombia is number one on our list. This city is filled with lively and energetic Colombian ladies who are not shy to go all out on the dance floors at the local bars and nightclubs.

A photo of a Colombian girl posing on the streets of Cartagena.
Meeting women in Colombia is easy, you just need to know where. | Photo by Darren Lawrence on Unsplash

In terms of catching these women’s attention, you just need to learn how to dance salsa. There are tons of places and dance schools that offer salsa dancing lessons in this city, so it won’t be a problem.

Once you’ve acquired some dancing skills, you can go up to a random Latina and ask her to dance. It won’t be weird at all. It’s socially acceptable to do so when in Cali.

How attractive are the women? Quite attractive. Most of them have golden brown skin, dark hair, and curvy bodies – the same as your typical Latina, but more natural-looking. Their upbeat and energetic attitudes also add to their charm.

Where to go? The most obvious choice is the local bars and nightclubs in this city where you can go up to a girl and ask her to dance with you. Check out these salsa places in Cali:

San Andrés Island

Clear pristine waters, white sands, tropical heat, and beach babes can be found in San Andres. It’s an island paradise that can be found in the Caribbean Sea and is technically still part of Colombia.

Since it’s an island, not many people who visit Colombia stop by this isolated city. Hence, they waste the opportunity to explore the richness and beauty of San Andres.

With a small population of 80, 000 people, you’d think it might be difficult to meet women to date. But that’s not the case. This island has no shortage of attractive island ladies. You just need to know where to look for them.

How attractive are the girls? They are fairly attractive and sexy. Since the population is diverse, you’ll likely find a woman that fits your personal preferences.

The ladies in San Andres can be classified into three groups: natives, European-descents, and mixed.

Natives are those that have dark skin and curly black hair – somewhat African features. On the other hand, European-descents are those that have light skin and have western facial features.

Where to go? It’s a beach island, so it goes without saying that the best place to meet these women is at the beach. Here are a few beach locations in San Andres you should check out:

Bucaramanga Colombia

It’s a quiet and peaceful town. They don’t receive many visitors since there isn’t anything extremely exciting to do. Having said that, you’ll most likely be the only foreigner in town. So you may as well take advantage of it, right?

Bucaramanga remains untapped by tourists since it is relatively isolated and quite difficult to travel to. Locals don’t often see foreigners roaming their city. So don’t be surprised if you get stared at while exploring the area.

On the bright side, you’ll raise curiosity among the women in the city for being foreign.

How attractive are the girls? They are naturally attractive and down-to-earth compared to the women in Medellin and Bogota. In terms of outer appearance, since this city has a history of European immigration, the women here have light skin tones and western facial features.

Where to go? Your best choice is to go to Cabecera del Llano, located in the upscale area of the city where locals gather to party, mingle, and socialize. We highly recommend you visit these places:

Cartagena Colombia

The second beach paradise city in Colombia included in our list is Cartagena, a beautiful port city that can be found on the Caribbean coast. Not only will you get to sight-see some gorgeous babes, but you will also get to bathe in the sun and enjoy the beach vibes.

How attractive are the girls? If you’re into island ladies, then you’re in for a treat. Women in Cartagena are extremely attractive and sexy. They have alluring golden brown to dark skin, long and wavy dark hair, and curvaceous bodies.

Where to go? Aside from the beaches, Cartagena has numerous bars and clubs where you can meet Colombian girls. Check these places out:

Pereira Colombia

Despite its reputation for growing the country’s best mild Arabica beans, there’s more to Pereira than just being the producer of quality coffee. Women in this city are known to be as attractive as those in the big cities. In addition, you won’t find a lot of foreigners in the area, which makes you a subject of attention by locals.

Don’t be surprised if a random woman stops you in the streets, she might just be curious about you.

How attractive are the girls? Very attractive. They are known to be good-natured, respectable, and homely.

Where to go? It’s a much smaller town so places to meet women are limited to bars and nightclubs. Here are a few of our suggestions:

Start Meeting Colombian Girls

Colombia is home to many beautiful Latinas who are looking for love with foreign men. If you want to explore this country and at the same time want to meet gorgeous single ladies, then sign up on our website and register to take part in our singles vacation tours. Start meeting women in Colombia now!

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