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To Love a Latin Woman

Find Your Dream Wife: Setting Specific Expectations Help!

If you’re having a hard time finding someone to love and settle down with, and you think you’ve done everything you could — as a matchmaker, I suggest you think again.

Maybe the problem is that you don’t really know what you’re looking for. Or, you don’t make your intentions clear to women.

How about you list down what you really wanted in a relationship?

Three years ago, one of my clients had a very specific list of the qualities he was looking for in a wife. Guess what? He has been happily married for 2 and ½ years now and they are expecting their first baby.

Sam and Carolina’s Story

Sam knows what he wants
Sam knows what he wants.

That’s exactly what Carolina said about her husband.

The two met on one of our Singles tours in Colombia where they both signed up hoping to find their lifetime companion.

Sam did not fly to Colombia to play games. What he was looking for was a wife. Not a girlfriend, a casual date, or a hookup. He was at the right age and was doing well financially. Simply put, he was ready for marriage.

“I went there with a purpose. I went there with a goal. [And] my goal was to find a spouse,” he said.

Sam had three specific qualities he was looking for in a woman.

“One — she has to be God-fearing. Plain and simple, and non-negotiable.

Second — she has to be a Latina.

Third — she has to be business savvy”.

Sam had clear plans for the future, and he wanted his wife to share the same goals as him. As a man doing business in real estate, his future wife had to be someone who could take over should he be called for military service or other similar circumstances. She had to be capable of supporting him and taking stress off his life.

Sam found these exact qualities in Carolina. Since the two share the same goal — marriage, everything from their first meeting onward went smoothly.

He never expected to fall in love so easily.

Setting Specific Expectations

This isn’t to say that finding someone to love will be just easy. But if you expand your options and stay true to yourself, you’ll make things so much easier on yourself.

Know what you want in a woman. Be unapologetically specific BUT realistic.

In Sam’s case, he knew what he was capable of giving so he set his specific expectations accordingly. He made himself ready for the commitment that is marriage. All that was left was to find a wife he knew he would be happy with.

So, if you’re serious about settling down or committing to a long-term relationship, list down the exact things you’re looking for in a woman. Don’t be afraid to search high and low for her. The world is so big, you don’t have to settle for women who don’t fit your preferences.

And coupled with the right intentions, like Sam, you will find exactly what you’re looking for.

Watch their full love story here:

This story was originally published in Medium: How Setting Specific Expectations Will Help You Find Your Dream Wife

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