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Colombian Women and Why They Prefer to Marry Foreign Men

Money and financial stability. These two reasons are so prevalent that they overshadow other more logical defenses on why Colombian women prefer to marry foreign men.

While they’re undeniably true, not all who make the same choice deserve the “gold-digger” or “materialistic” reputation. Because there is more to this preference than what most people have heard.

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There is more to why these women choose to leave Colombia and start a new life overseas with a foreign partner. One of them is getting away from a romanticized patriarchal culture.

Colombia’s sexist culture

Colombia is a highly traditional and patriarchal country. Men’s opinions are highly regarded, and the law unapologetically favors them over women. This is particularly evident in how the country can easily turn the tables on the sexually abused.

Every hour, at least three women are sexually harassed in Colombia. However, instead of reporting and holding the abusers responsible, most victims choose to stay silent. It’s rare for this male-dominated country to throw rapists and sex offenders into jail. Worse, speaking out will only subject these women to ostracism.

Seeking justice means putting themselves at risk, not to mention — criticism. The moment they speak out about their experience, the offenders fearlessly attack them in the open — harassing and calling them names, with nary an objection from the authorities.

On the other hand, many police and authorities see sexual assault reports as an exaggeration. Instead of validating women, they easily dismiss their call for justice simply as whiny complaints.

Combining all these, Colombian society seems to be promoting a culture of silent suffering among Colombian women.

Now, putting yourself in their position, would you continue living a heavily disadvantaged life, or grab a chance to start anew in a society where women are more heard, respected, and protected?

“The grass is greener on the other side.”

While it’s hard to dismiss that Colombian women marry foreign men for financial security, one can’t easily invalidate that some of them also do it for the right reasons.

Colombia may be a country that is hard at work on detaching itself from the “narco” reputation, but it doesn’t seem willing to deviate from the sexist mentality. And Colombian women see no signs of this toxic culture changing anytime soon.

You can’t blame them for refusing to conform to an outdated society. They simply recognize that somewhere, on the other side of the world, they are valued better. They can speak out about unfairness, step out of the shadow of fear, and live life more freely.

Ultimately, they’re not wrong to think that there are better men out there — men who aren’t just financially and emotionally stable, but who grew up in a society that values women’s opinions and safety.

Colombian women prefer to marry foreigners to find a better match, a better and safer life, and a better society for their future children. It’s not solely about money or selfish reasons. It’s about bravely detaching themselves from a society that has long looked down on them and has little to no signs of listening to them.

This story was originally published in Medium: The Unpopular Reason Why Many Colombian Women Prefer to Marry Foreign Men

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