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Do Colombian Women EXPECT Christmas Gifts in a New Relationship?

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Getting Colombian women Christmas gifts can be hard when you don’t know where you stand.

Do you live in an area where it snows? Well, if you do, you may want to look outside because winter might be starting to set in. If it hasn’t already, then the temperatures may have started to drop, which means one very important thing. It’s the holiday season and with the holiday season means gifts for the people in your life.

But there’s one person in your life that you’re not sure what to get for, if you need to get them anything at all. That person is that beautiful Colombian woman you’ve recently connected with online. You like her and everything. But the relationship is still very new.

You want to get her something, but you’re not sure what because you’re not sure when getting Colombian women Christmas gifts when the relationship that’s barely even hit its stride.

So you look for Colombian gifts online. But you’ve no real sense of who she is as a person, so you find yourself stumped when it comes to finding an appropriate gift.

Plus, you may not even have met in person yet. Health-related travel restrictions or the cost of airline tickets may have made it basically impossible for either of you to travel to the other. So now you’re really confused as to what to get them, if they’re expecting anything at all. But you want to get her something. But you just need to figure out what exactly it is you need to get her for Christmas.

An insulated coffee mug

Colombia is known for three things: beautiful women, its checkered history, and its coffee. Go to a grocery store. There’s probably more than one brand that boasts that it’s made from Colombian beans. So coffee is a pretty big deal in Colombia.

If you’re looking for a gift to get a Colombian woman, but the relationship is still new so you can’t go too crazy, you can get her an insulated coffee mug. She can pour her coffee in the morning and it’ll stay hot for a few hours afterward. So that’s something that she may appreciate but won’t break the bank or come across as too forward. As far as gifts for Colombian women go, an insulated coffee mug is pretty good.

Christmas tree with gifts underneath.
There are a lot of gifts for Colombian women that you can get, at any relationship stage.

An insulated water bottle

So Colombia can get pretty warm. In fact, its climate does not vary much throughout the year. It’s tropical in January and it’s tropical in June and October and so on and so forth. The point being that it gets hot and it stays hot. So it’s important for people to stay hydrated and a great way to stay hydrated is to drink water.

An insulated water bottle is great for a person who wants to drink water throughout the day. Much like the coffee mug above, an insulated water bottle can keep its temperature throughout the day. She can fill it with cold water in the morning and it’ll still be pretty cold at night. Plus, they’re not all that expensive. So you won’t break the bank on an insulated water bottle either.

Some noise-canceling earphones

Say you’re in a new relationship. It started online and she’s in Colombia. You’ve never met in real life. The only time you’ve ever seen her was in your video calls. And you may have struggled a bit during those calls because she can’t hear you. Maybe it’s noisy where she is. Maybe an ambulance siren or a barking dog drowns out the sound of your voice.

If only there was some way to drown the outside noise to help her hear your voice better.

But wait. There is a way for her to hear you better and that’s with some noise-canceling headphones. She can use them when you’re on a video call and then she’ll be able to hear you clearly without any outside noise creeping and drowning you out. Plus, they come in at a wide variety of price points so you should be able to find some that fits your budget, so the bank will, once again, not be broken.

A scented candle

You want to find a gift that’s meaningful, affordable, but also non-committal because you’re not sure in what direction the relationship’s going in. But you also want it to be nice because you want to nudge in the direction that ends with you getting happily ever after. Well, you can try a scented candle. This is particularly great if your girl has a bathtub and luxuriates in a long bath every now and then.

She can light it up and let her olfactory sense delight in whatever scent you get while she relaxes in a tub.

A big box of treats

You know what a lot of people love? Snacks. Chips, candy, chocolate. If it’s something that they can munch on while watching a show or inhale when they’re having an emotional moment, then people are going to love it.

So you can put together a box of treats for your girlfriend. It’s not going to be expensive to buy a few bags of candy and then a box to ship them in.

A phone case

Another inexpensive option that probably won’t melt or expire while in transit from your country to Colombia is a phone case. Practically everyone uses a smartphone. Your new girlfriend in Colombia probably uses one and it’s probably the device she uses the most to communicate with you. So the two of you have a vested interest in keeping it protected.

The best way to keep a phone protected is to store it in a cool, dry place and never take it out. But doing that would defeat the purpose of a phone, so most people just put a case on their phone to protect it from fall damage.

Phone cases are pretty inexpensive and you can get a customized one that’s very protective of a phone for a pretty good price. Her smartphone is your main conduit to her, so it’d be great to keep it functional.

Relationships can be tricky, especially when they’re new. Sure, they’re still exciting and everything feels novel, but there’s also the lack of anything that’s concretely defined.

Are you at the point where you can just get her jewelry or are you still at the stage where just a text acknowledging their existence is enough? Or are you somewhere in between? If you are, you’ve got a great Colombian gift guide to present you with options.

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