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To Love a Latin Woman
A photo of a Colombian woman wearing a red shirt, covering her lips with her right index finger
Know how to behave when dating hot Colombian girls to land more dates with one.

5 Dating Deal Breakers Colombian Women HATE

There are certain behaviors that men do which turn women off.

Certain behaviors make you look unappealing. These can lessen your chances of finding genuine love among beautiful Colombian women.

It’s a common occurrence for men to be prone to behaviors that Colombian women may not find attractive or admirable. There are many mistakes a man can commit in a romantic relationship with someone foreign.

But of course, these behaviors can be avoided.

If you’re still in the process of familiarizing yourself with Colombian dating culture, keep these few tips in mind.

For you to know what behaviors are to be avoided, you have to be able to recognize them first.

Avoiding these behaviors can help prevent any man from tripping over themselves. Many may be rendered utterly speechless by a Latina beauty.

Eye Contact

There are certain features of a woman’s body from which some men are unable to keep their eyes off of.

But a wandering eye does a man no favors.

A quick peek might be acceptable. Some women do not take kindly to being openly leered at, even by the man they’re on a date with.

It’s difficult not to stare at hot Colombian girls, a little bit of discretion is called for.

After all, maintaining eye contact is one of the many great tips that come in handy when dating Colombian women.

Past Indiscretions

At some point, the topic of your romantic history will come up when you’re dating a Colombian woman.

Although this is inevitable, keep in mind that a rant about a particularly miserable relationship is never okay.

A guy who manages to turn his date with a woman into a therapy session will not receive a second date.

So it’s best to keep the talk about your exes or past romantic relationships light and breezy.

If it gets too heavy, your date may find herself looking for a way to disengage.

Going Over the Top

It’s generally advisable to smell good on a date.

Remember that it’s important to spritz on some cologne when you’re about to meet up with your lovely date.

It can’t be denied that some men tend to go over the top by putting on too much cologne.

This is not advisable behavior for any date. Mainly because it may show signs of desperation or that you’re simply trying too hard.

When it comes to putting on cologne, subtlety is always best.

Rude Awakening

Servers in restaurants can sometimes get the short end of the stick.

Customers can also get impatient and downright rude.

Being a rude person can also make a woman reconsider whether she wants to go out on a second date.

Being hungry can cause a person to get snippy. Being impolite to servers can be a real eye-opener in terms of someone’s behavior.

So a man on a date should do everything in his power to be courteous and respectful to everyone around him.

Unless someone is being rude to you, you have the right to match that person’s energy.

Courage, for the Heart

Nervousness and anxiety are the greatest roadblocks to finding love.

Know that having a little nervousness on a date with a beautiful woman is okay, and not to mention normal

Being overly nervous is not going to help when you’re trying to win a Colombian woman’s heart.

Go over the most basic dating tips when it comes to making a good first impression, and perhaps some ideal questions to ask a Colombian girl so that you can assure yourself of a good flow of your conversations.

It’s still important to remember how to behave yourself whenever you’re on a date with the woman you fancy. The first few dates might be nerve-wracking. You’ll soon get the hang of it and eventually be a natural at impressing Colombian women like a pro.

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