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To Love a Latin Woman
A group of Colombian women.
You could end up marrying any one of these Colombian women by making that first connection.

Making Initial Connection with Colombian Women

The internet has opened up the world of dating in a convenient way. Not only has it made getting in touch with your date much easier, it also opens doors for other people you can date with, like Colombian women. The process of dating a Latina can almost be done at the click of your mouse.

While the internet has expedited some aspects of the dating game, the social component remains the same. If you are eager to date a Colombian woman, it’s still up to you to make the first move. The process of getting in touch isn’t the problem, it’s making a solid connection that is. Some of the challenges you face include the language barrier and the cultural differences.

It may seem intimidating to date a woman from another country, but that just might be your ticket to finding love. The obstacles you face can be overcome as long as you don’t get careless and remain patient. With that said, here are ways to make solid connections with Colombian women for a shot at romantic love:

  1. Plan an unusual activity
  2. One of things that takes the spark out of dating is doing the same thing over and over again; and if there’s one thing that can ruin a relationship more (even a budding one), it’s monotony.

    You can spice up your date by planning something else. For example, you can sign up for a dance class for the two of you. Not only is it a novel date, it’s also a great couple activity. If dancing isn’t your thing, there are other activities you can try with her. Sharing something new together is one way to pave a solid connection, especially when you both have a great time.

  3. Pay attention to what she isn’t saying
  4. During the dating phase, there might be some things she doesn’t reveal right away. This doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s intentionally keeping things from you. Perhaps she’s just gauging for the right time to tell you.

    In the meantime, it helps to read her body language. What she doesn’t say out loud she can usually convey through her expressions or mannerisms. Now, some of these signs can be minute, so you’d have to pay extra attention to her to read her mood. As an added bonus, this is another way to get to know her. In Colombian dating culture, expression is also a form of art, so you might not have too much trouble figuring out her body language.

  5. Find some commonalities
  6. It may seem like you are worlds apart, but if you peer more closely, you might uncover some similarities. Maybe you watch the same type of music or have the same favorite artist. Whatever the case may be because it lays the foundation of your relationship. The old adage opposites doesn’t hold true for most people. Compatible couples usually have the same set of values or interests that hold them together.

  7. Reveal your deal breakers
  8. This may seem counterintuitive, but this can also speed up the progress of your relationship. It also lets you know whether you are one the same page or not. If you are worried that doing this halts whatever progress you’ve made, simply ease the topic gently. You can start with the little things first. If you pull out the big guns right away, she’ll think you’re misjudging her. The point is if you let her know what you won’t tolerate (and vice versa), that would set a precedent on how you establish your relationship, one that hopefully wouldn’t have many setbacks.

  9. Learn some key phrases
  10. You don’t have to be fluent in Spanish, but you should at least learn a little so you two can have a fluid conversation. Some of the benefits of learning is she would appreciate the effort and it makes you seem more relatable. Besides, she might even teach you a few phrases. Your willingness to learn gives her the impression that you are serious in making things work between you two. And there’s a reason Spanish is considered one of the romance languages. If you convey your thoughts and feelings in her language, they might resonate with her more because they were spoken in her mother tongue. In short, learning Spanish just might win your Colombian girl’s heart.

  11. Get creative when communicating
  12. Even if you manage to understand Spanish a little (and she has basic knowledge of the English language), there would still be times you struggle to get your point across. When this happens, better come up with a different way to communicate with each other. Perhaps you can use pictures instead of words. You can also mime what you’re trying to say. That way you can communicate and entertain her at the same time.

  13. Give her the chance to talk
  14. Probably the most common mistake men make is hogging the conversation. But you might expect a lot of that when speaking to someone who isn’t fluent in English. When she’s trying to find the right words, you might be tempted to fill in the blanks for her. However, if you wait and just listen, there’s a chance you would be surprised by what you hear. This also improves your listening skills, which is one of the bedrocks of a stable and solid relationship.

  15. Take that first leap
  16. No matter how much you study the characteristics of a Colombian woman or research what to know about dating a Colombian woman, all of your efforts would be for naught if you don’t make that first step. Whether you actually visit the country or simply sign up for a matchmaking service, the important thing is you have to make that first move. Otherwise you would just be imagining all the things that could have been.

Regardless of how you get in touch with your date, it’s always important to touch bases with her on your relationship. In a long term relationship, both parties need to be truly connected to one another, especially when it’s normal to weather some heavy storms.

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