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To Love a Latin Woman
A photo of a Colombian woman leaning her head against a post
It’s not uncommon to see younger Colombian women dating older men. | Photo by Leonne Brito on Pexels

Are Younger Colombian Women Open to Dating Older Men?

There are a considerable number of foreign men who want to date Colombian women.

If you happen to be interested in dating a Colombian lady who is younger than you, and are worried about being mistaken for a grandfather at first glance, perhaps you ought to take the time to learn more about these women's preferences.

Not a lot of men are aware of the benefits of dating a younger woman, which makes them hesitant to go and try it for themselves. Many of them go online in order to find young women to date, hoping that these women would be willing to date them as well.

In truth, dating a younger woman is not all that uncommon. As long as the interest is mutual, an older man would pay no mind to what society may think about his younger partner. As a matter of fact, this type of setup is becoming more and more prevalent even to this day.

Now, most relationships have some sort of age gap wherein the man is older than the woman, and the age gap is mostly within a range of five to ten years, which means that the two people in this type of relationship are not going to have all that many differences in terms of their dating experience.

A man dating a woman 10 years younger than him will raise some eyebrows, while a man dating a woman 20 years younger than he is will inspire gossip.

Regardless of the social reactions, there are men who do so anyway. Men in general tend to like women in their early twenties at best. But what about women? Are there younger women who are into older men in a romantic sense?

Well, yes. The fact that marriages with a rather large age gap happen every day is more than enough proof that there are plenty of women who want to be with men who are much older than them.

Some women just like older men. Maybe they’re into silver foxes, or maybe there are other things at work. Either way, it works for most couples, and sometimes, it's this type of setup that usually lasts longer than that of couples who are the same age.

Then again, being into silver foxes is not the only reason why younger Colombian women find themselves in relationships with men who are a fair bit older than they are.

  1. The Financial Question
  2. There's no denying it, and there’s no point in pretending that it doesn’t happen; sometimes, the basis for a relationship between an older man and a younger woman is money. A younger lady may have preferences that cost a little more than how much she earns, and an older guy may have enough money that can satiate those preferences.

    So these men with money don't mind dating women with expensive tastes, as long as their affection for one another is genuine and real, then they get together and become a couple. However, there are some relationships that are not all that happy because both people live with the understanding that their relationship is transactional in nature, but other times, these couples can end up perfectly happy and satisfied.

  3. The Other Kind Of Green
  4. It's not always that an older guy succeeds at dating younger women because he has a lot of money. He can belong to the middle class, or not even have money at all, and he will still be able to attract the attention of a younger woman from a different country.

    Money isn't always the kind of green that attracts women to older men. Sometimes, it is the prospect of living in the country where the man is from that attracts them. A young gal may or may not be attracted to a much older man, but there are times when she is definitely attracted to the country that the man is from.

    A Colombian woman can be interested in the opportunity of being able to migrate to a foreign country, and that would be enough for her to be romantically involved with a man.

  5. Old Soul
  6. There are times when a younger woman is not attracted to a man’s money or the country that he's from, but is simply attracted to him for who he is. A beautiful woman can have an old soul, which makes it easier to connect with a man of an older age. While most of the other women in her age group are with partners who are more or less the same age as them, she finds herself wanting to date someone older.

    As a result, she will make it her goal to meet and date older guys whom she considers a peer, or are at least on the same intellectual wavelength as her. Many of these relationships turn out to be pretty fulfilling for both parties involved, and can meet most definitions of a successful love life.

    There are times when a man’s experience automatically makes him attractive to women, so older men would have more of an advantage when it comes to attracting younger ladies.

  7. Gold and Silver
  8. Silver foxes were mentioned earlier. This refers to a man with hair that is streaked with gray. The color is supposed to look more distinguished or refined, and there are a fair number of women who are not opposed to the look of a silver fox.

    Now, obtaining the look of a silver fox is not as simple as letting time take its toll on your hair. Part of the appeal is that the hair remains thick despite its age, and that it does not start to thin out.

    Also, it helps a great deal if the hair is properly styled. It’s not just about having a head of gray hair, it’s about making sure that that hair is healthy and stylish, which is going to be appealing to a wide variety of women, including the younger ones.

  9. Random Attraction
  10. When it comes to attraction, there are generally a few things that people agree on, and one of those things is that it can be pretty random.

    Sure, people who are considered to be good-looking will probably not have a hard time finding eager romantic partners, but then there is a person's overall appeal, and a man's appeal can sometimes outshine his physical appearance and be considered attractive.

    All things considered, an older guy who may not be all that attractive can still end up with a gorgeous young woman on his arm — a woman who is genuinely attracted to him, and there is no reason for an outsider to wonder why this type of relationship works.

    There are a lot of relationships all over the world, and yes, some of them have rather large age gaps. Nonetheless, age gaps don't determine the success and happiness of a relationship. A man can still find love among younger Colombian women even if he's in his 40s, 50s, or 60s. It's all a matter of knowing how to approach women and making yourself an attractive and appealing romantic partner.

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