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To Love a Latin Woman
Couple arguing with each other.
Don’t let a fumble end your courtship with a Colombian woman

Bouncing Back After Striking Out with Colombian Women

People are not perfect, and that utter lack of perfection leads to people making mistakes. The mistakes that people make are not limited just to their day-to-day lives, however. A man trying to date Colombian women can make plenty of mistakes. The fact that such women are most likely to be found in Colombia is just one of the many problems marrying a Colombian woman.

Another big problem when trying to marry a Colombian woman is that sometimes, you just make a mistake when you are dating one. Sometimes, you say the wrong thing, act in a way that is seen as inappropriate in Colombian dating culture.

But the thing about mistakes is that there is a bit of time to make amends and recover. The same way that someone fumbles the ball when playing a game but recovers their composure, you can also recover when you’re trying to date someone.

The main trick to recovering when you make a mistake is to be careful not to make a mistake in the first place. When you meet Colombian women, be on your best behavior. But the thing is even your best behavior may not always be enough in some circumstances. Sometimes a fumble just happens whether you want it to or not.

When you are swiping on dating apps, mistakes can often be fatal to your love life. But there are opportunities for second chances.

One mistake can spell the end of a courtship. It can mean not getting to be with the person who might be the perfect soulmate for you. All because you made a small mistake and offended someone. In case you mess up a bit, it helps to try these tactics:

  1. Saying Sorry
  2. One of the simplest ways to make amends is to simply say sorry. If you fumble, try to send messages that express just how sorry you really are. While a simple apology is not always enough, issuing one to the person that you have slighted is often enough to at least let that person know that you are not entirely ignorant of their plight. It shows that you are aware that you have committed wrongdoing and are a big enough person to realize that you were wrong.

    Simply acknowledging the existence of the mistake is often the very first step in fixing the problem. Depending on the severity of the mistake, it may not be enough to fix the problem itself, but it will be a pretty good start.

  3. Commit to Get Better
  4. When you do make mistakes when dating Colombian women, there are some behaviors that just put people off. Maybe you are a little too loud, a little too gregarious, or maybe you have a vice that you enjoy a little too much. Whatever the case may be, it is something that your potential soulmate does not appreciate.

    Well, one way to fix that particular mistake is to commit to not making it again. Anyone can apologize. Not everyone can learn from their mistake and use the experience to grow into being a better person. Your potential soulmate will not be able to tell much of your character from your profile on dating sites, but a demonstration should be sufficient evidence of your character.

  5. Reaching Out
  6. It’s natural for couples to commit mistakes, often at the same time. Two people make mistakes that piss the other off and then they are mad about it and no one reaches out to talk to the other about their feelings and the transgressions that caused those feelings.

    Which can mean that courtships with Colombian women that could have ended with two people being in a loving, happy relationship with the other can simply fade away.

    Being the first person to reach out after a transgression can mean being the bigger person and showing the other person that you care enough to try to mend things.

  7. Explaining Your Side
  8. Are Colombian women jealous? That is a query that may pop into your head. Sometimes, they have good reason to be jealous. Sometimes, they have reason to be jealous, but the reason itself is not all that great. Sometimes, however, things are not what they seem. A situation that looks like one thing may be a different thing entirely.

    So when the things are not what they seem, you may need to explain your side of things so as to let your partner or your potential partner understand that that thing that initially seemed bad might not have been all that terrible.

  9. Send a Care Package
  10. Sometimes, apologies and gestures are not enough by themselves. Sometimes, you are going to have to send a care package, something to show that you care, a material way to show your feelings.

    Putting together and then sending a care package can be more than sending a message because it puts into physical being the things that you feel.

  11. Play It Off
  12. Sometimes, you make a mistake and then it does not seem so bad but then it turns out to be pretty bad. Then there are times when the opposite happens; it seems bad but then it turns out to be pretty much not bad.

    So if you do make a mistake, try to play it off because sometimes, a little bit of humor can seriously help you with recovering when you fumble so that you do not strike out completely when you are trying to get with someone who might just be your dream girl. Plus, women tend to like humor and making a joke about your mistake can show both humility and self-awareness.

    Mistakes are a natural part of life. Everyone makes them because everyone is imperfect and it is that imperfection that makes a person have to be better. Being better is great for relationships because being better means growing as a person and people are supposed to grow together when they are in a couple.

    So if you do fumble with Colombian women, do not fret. You can recover, you can regain your balance. If you make a mistake, you are more than capable of making amends and keeping the courtship going.

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